Fire Dampers

Halton Fire Dampers    

Circular fire valve.
FDV100KITHalton Fire Damper Valve Grille 100dia with spigot (exhaust)$221.88
FDV125KITHalton Fire Damper Valve Grille 125dia with spigot (exhaust)$242.48
FDV150KITHalton Fire Damper Valve Grille 160 with 150spigot (exhaust)$310.63
FDV200KITHalton Fire Damper Valve Grille 200dia with spigot (exhaust)$364.52
NSHALTONHalton Non Standard

Intumescent Fire Dampers    

Helps in creating fire-resistant compartments to subdivide a building.
IFD-CE3-150Intumescent Fire Damper 150mm for fire rated ceilings$559.68
IFD-D300300Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 300x300mm (one only)
IFD-D450450Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 450x450mm Silver$1,729.82
IFD-D600300Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 600x300mm silver$1,729.82
IFD-D600600Intumescent Fire Damper Door kit 600x600mm Silver$3,285.88
IFD100LLIntumescent Fire Damper 100 Low Loss in 104dia360mmTube$210.06
IFD125LLIntumescent Fire Damper 125 Low Loss in 129dia360mmTube$232.20
IFD150LLIntumescent Fire Damper 150 Low Loss in 154dia360mmTube$260.67
IFD200LLIntumescent Fire Damper 200 Low Loss in 204dia360mmTube$373.52
IFD250LLIntumescent Fire Damper 250 Low Loss in 254dia360mmTube$550.26
IFD300LLIntumescent Fire Damper 300 Low Loss in 304dia360mmTube$894.78
IFD350LLIntumescent Fire Damper 350 Low Loss in 354dia360mmTube$1,391.47
IFD44 C145Intumescent Fire Damper 145x145mm square case$338.04
IFD44 C195Intumescent Fire Damper 195x195mm square case$409.68
IFD44 C245Intumescent Fire Damper 245x245mm square case$550.93
IFD44 C295Intumescent Fire Damper 295x295mm square case$584.92
IFD44-LL145X145IntumescentFireDamper LowLoss 145x145mm SqSingle(exact size)$219.12
IFD44-LL195X195IntumescentFireDamper LowLoss 195x195mm SqSingle(exact size)$270.71
IFD44-LL245X245IntumescentFireDamper LowLoss 245x245mm SqSingle(exact size)$386.73
IFD44-LL295X295IntumescentFireDamper LowLoss 295x295mm SqSingle(exact size)$359.64
IFD44-LL395X395IntumescentFireDamper LowLoss 395x395mm SqSingle(exact size)$718.27
IFDLIM-310GSealant Mastic Grey 310ml for Kilargo fire dampers$16.88
NSKILARGOKilargo Intumescent FireDampers Non Standard