'FIRST' Rectangular 220x90mm & fittings (150dia similar)

Variety of adaptors, clips and elbows.
DuctPVC 220x90mm 2m SE/SE
CGV229B DuctPVC elbow bend adaptor 150dia to 220x90mm BE/BE
CGO229B DuctPVC straight adaptor 150dia to 220x90mm BE/BE
STV2229B Fixing Bracket for DuctPVC 220x90mm (pair) BE/BE
CCO22915B 15deg DuctPVC modular bend 220x90mm BE/SE
DuctPVC 45deg Horizontal bend 220x90mm BE/BE
CCO229B 90deg DuctPVC Horizontal Elbow for 220x90mm BE/BE
DuctPVC 45deg Vertical elbow 220x90mm
CCV229B 90deg DuctPVC Vertical Elbow for 220x90mm BE/BE
CGF229B DuctPVC Flexible Joiner for 220x90mm BE/BE
CG229B DuctPVC Joiner for 220x90mm duct BE/BE
DuctPVC Fittings Joiner 60mm for 220x90mm fittings SE/SE
Duct PVC Tee 220x90mm BE/BE/BE