Floor Grilles

Floor Grilles 100x300    

Available in a range of styles and finishes.
FRAB412Floor Register- Antique Brass Louvered 100x300mm *stock 4/22$105.05
FRABB412Floor Register - Antique Brass Wicker 100x300mm$131.66
FRABV412Floor Register - Antique Brass Victorian1 100x300mm$105.05
FRBE412Floor Register - Beige Metal Louvered 100x300mm$54.42
FRBLV412Floor Register - Matt Black Victorian1 100x300mm$105.05
FRBNM412Floor Register - Brushed Nickel Marquis 100x300mm$172.58
FRBR412Floor Register - Brown Metal Louvered 100x300mm$54.42
FRCC412Floor Register - Charcoal Black Louvred 100x300mm$54.42
FRCR412Floor Register - Cream Metal Louvered 100x300mm$54.42
FRCT412Floor Register - Chocolate Metal Louvered 100x300mm$54.42
FROLL412Floor Register - Light Oak 100x300mm$131.63
FROML412Floor Register - Medium Oak 100x300mm$131.63
FROUL412Floor Register - Unfinished Oak 100x300mm$131.63
FRPBV412Floor Register - Polished Brass Victorian1 100x300mm$105.05
FRPWM412Floor Register - Pewter Cast Iron Marquis 100x300mm$131.63
FRRBB412Floor Register - Oil Rubbed Bronze Wicker 100x300mm$131.63
FRSC412Floor Register - Satin Chrome Louvered 100x300mm$105.05
FRSN412*Floor Register - Satin Nickel Louvered 100x300mm$105.05
FRSNB412Floor Register - Satin Nickel Wicker 100x300mm$131.63
FRWH412Floor Register - White Metal Louvered 100x300mm$54.42

Floor Grilles 150x350    

Available in a range of styles and finishes.
FRABB614Floor Register - Antique Brass Wicker 150x350mm$178.76
FRABV614Floor Register - Antique Brass Victorian1 150x350mm$178.76
FRBE614Floor Register - Beige Metal Louvered 150x350mm$121.22
FRBLV614Floor Register - Matt Black Victorian1 150x350mm$178.76
FRBR614Floor Register - Brown Metal Louvered 150x350mm$93.26
FRCC614Floor Register - Charcoal Metal Louvered 150x350mm$121.22
FROLL614Floor Register - Light Oak 150x350mm$178.76
FROML614Floor Register - Medium Oak 150x350mm$178.76
FROUL614Floor Register - Unfinished Oak 150x350mm$178.76
FRPBB614Floor Register - Polished Brass Wicker 150x350mm$178.76
FRPBV614Floor Register - Polished Brass sVictorian1 150x350mm$178.76
FRRBB614Floor Register - Oil Rubbed Bronze Wicker 150x350mm$178.76
FRSNB614Floor Register - Satin Nickel Wicker 150x350mm$178.76
FRWH614Floor Register - White Metal Louvered 150x350mm$121.22

Floor Grille Boots    

FR-BOOT303 Boot Floor Register 350x150x200oval Angled$66.49
FR-BOOTA302 Boot Floor Register 300x100x200oval Angled$51.73
FR-BOOTB301 Floor Grille Boot 300x100x150oval angled$25.32