Four Rooms

Designed to transfer excess heat from a main room containing a log or pellet fire to other rooms in the house.

Kit contains:

  • In-line fan (200mm, FID* 210 l/s)
  • Inlet grille
  • Four outlet grilles
  • 3x 3way splitter
  • Insulated duct (one length 200mm x 6m, two lengths 200mm x 3m, plus four lengths 150mm x 3m)
  • Duct tape (2x 6m)
  • Now also available with down jets and adjustable ceiling diffusers (POA)
  • See Fan Accessories for speed controller HH04 option

*FID = Fan performance with free inlet & discharge conditions.

HTU Heat Transfer Unit 4room kit
HTU Heat Transfer Unit 4room kit c/w Thermostat
Heat Transfer Kit 4room alternate diffusers Thermostat