Gripple Duct Hanger Systems

Provides a fast and versatile solution for suspending ductwork, heaters, air conditioning, radiant panels and grille boxes.
  • Wire and fasteners are available in 5 sizes, from 1.2mm to 6mm dia
  • Smooth-Air stocks the 2mm dia system
  • Gripple's wire rope kits can save up to 85% on installation times
  • Standard No.2 kits weighs just 8kg, doing the same job as 150kg of threaded rod and channel
  • Engineered to suspend all types of domestic and commercial ducting, air conditioning units, chilled beams, pipework & electrical cable trays
  • Fully rated hanger system, with a 5:1 Safe Working Load


Vist for details on HVAC products.

Gripple Catenary wire 2mmdiax100m +20xGripples
Gripple Pocket size wire cutters
Gripple only DuctTrapeze SWL45kgEA bag of10 (no wire)
Gripple2mmx2m concrAnchor DctTrpze SWL45kgEA 10bag
Gripple only SideRelease SWL45kgEA bag of 20 (no wire)
Gripple only Trapeze SWL45kgEA bag of10 (no wire)
Gripple2mmx2m Eyelet90Trapeze SWL45kgEA 10bag
Gripple2mmx2m Eyelet90Trapeze VibrationIsolator&TieWire 4bag
Gripple2mmx2m concrAnchor Trapeze SWL45kgEA 10bag
GrippleWire2mmx2or3m endLoop (nogripple) SWL45kgEA 10bag
Gripple2mmx2or3m Eyelet90 Express SWL45kgEA 10bag
Gripple2mmx3m concrAnchor Express SWL45kgEA 10bag
Gripple2mmx1m+Y500mm Yhanger HGhook +SideRelease 2bag