Heat Exchange Domestic

HEX390 Unit with Duct Kit    

Designed to optimise the HEX390 benefits.
HEX390D-3RKHeat Exchanger digital +3roomkit (lounge+2bed) *$5,818.11
HEX390D-4RKHeat Exchanger digital +4roomkit (lounge+3bed) *$5,933.78
HEX390EC-3RKHeat Exchanger ECfans 390cmh controller + 3room Ductkit
HEX390EC-4RKHeat Exchanger ECfans 390cmh controller + 4room Ductkit$3,564.93
HEX390H-3RKHeat Exchanger manual digiDisplay +3roomkit (lounge+2bed)$4,928.15
HEX390H-4RKHeat Exchanger manual digiDisplay +4roomkit (lounge+3bed)$5,043.83
HEX390M-3RKHeat Exchanger manual +3roomkit (lounge+2bed)$4,928.15
HEX390M-4RKHeat Exchanger manual +4roomkit (lounge+3bed)$5,043.83

HEX390 Units    

Manufactured by Smooth-Air for New Zealand conditions.
HEX390DIGIHeat Exchanger with automatic digital controller *$5,326.40
HEX390HYBRIDHeat Exchanger with manual 3spd digital display controller$4,138.29
HEX390MANHeat Exchanger with manual 3 speed controller$4,138.29
ZZ HEX390SBDIGIHeat Exchanger w SummerBy-pass automatic digital controller*$6,482.73

HEX390 Accessories    

HEX4roomkit and HEX3roomkit use silentflex ducting and upgraded diffusers to optimise the HEX390 benefits.
FLUSHBOX75Wall flush box Hex hybrid controller 75x75x50mm$26.36
HEX3ROOMDUCTKITHex 3 room duct kit (1lounge+2bed)(duct diffusers etc)$752.24
HEX4ROOMDUCTKITHex 4 room duct kit (1lounge+3bed)(duct, diffusers etc)$862.43
HEXEXT150SUPPLYHEX one room extension kit, 150mm supply$146.86
HEXEXT200EXTRACTHEX additional extract kit, 200mm extract$178.00
HEXEXT200SUPPLYHEX lounge extension kit, 200mm supply$180.23
HEXFILTERHex Filter 234x380mm (to fit HEX units 2017&newer)$98.01
HEXFILTER222Hex Filter 222x380mm (to fit HEX units 2015&older)$107.35
HTDry-Matic/HEX Heater Unit 750w$797.40
HT15DDry-Matic/HEX Heater Unit 1500w (for Digital controller)$1,072.35