HEX390 Accessories

HEX4roomkit and HEX3roomkit use silentflex ducting and upgraded diffusers to optimise the HEX390 benefits.
Wall flush box Hex hybrid controller 75x75x50mm
Hex 3 room duct kit (1lounge+2bed)(duct diffusers etc)
Hex 4 room duct kit (1lounge+3bed)(duct, diffusers etc)
HEX one room extension kit, 150mm supply
HEX additional extract kit, 200mm extract
HEX lounge extension kit, 200mm supply
Hex Filter 234x380mm (to fit HEX units 2017&newer)
Hex Filter 222x380mm (to fit HEX units 2015&older)
Dry-Matic/HEX Heater Unit 750w
Dry-Matic/HEX Heater Unit 1500w (for Digital controller)