In-line filter box GS/Plastic, slide in filter

Can be installed at any angle.
  • Designed for ease of use and speed when replacing filter. 
  • Easily opened from one side and the filter exchanged by sliding out the old filter and sliding in the replacement
  • When ordering FBMA400 - please specify spigot size - from 200mm to 400mm dia
  • Spigots can also differ i.e. using two different spigot sizes will act as a reducer
  • Suitable for providing filtration on fresh air supply to commercial A/C systems
  • Uses panel filters as the filter medium
  • Bellmouth spigots are used to improve airflow into and out of the box
  • Dampers can be fitted to the inlet spigot to control the fresh air supply
  • Access panel is hinged and fitted with a toggle catch to assist service personnel
DPG4-16x16x2 filter for FBMA400 or FBAC300-400
Filter Box Metal Plain (no filter or spigot)(use PLAD40/...)
FilterBoxMetal400mm +Filter, 2xSpigots (optional 200-400dia)