Linear Slot Diffusers

Designed for ceiling applications.
  • Can be used for either supply or return air
  • Available in one to eight slots
  • Blade adjustment gives a full range of air flow patterns from vertical to 180 degrees.
  • Maximum single lengths are 2400mm
  • If longer lengths are required, a joining strip gives the appearance of continuous length
  • Standard finish is powder coated RAL9016 with black anodised blades
  • Other colours available upon request, contact your local dealer
LSD225-400-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 2slot 25mm 400L-2ends
LSD425-400-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 4slot 25mm 400L-2ends
LSD125-600-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 1slot 25mm 600L-2ends
LSD225-600-2 LinearSlot Diffuser white 2slot 25mm 600L-2ends
LSD425-1000-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 4slot 25mm 1000L-2end
LSD125-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 1slot 25mm 1200L-2end
LSD225-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 2slot 25mm 1200L-2end
LSD325-1200-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 3slot 25mm 1200L-2end
LSD225-1500-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 2slot 25mm 1500L-2end
LSD325-1500-2 LinearSlotDiffuser white 3slot 25mm 1500L-2end
LS1F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200x44 x1slot
LS2F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200x84 x2slot
LS3F12 Linear Slot Diffuser 1200x126 x3slot