Low Profile Duct System 350x75mm

The Hydor Low Profile Duct System has been specifically designed to meet the needs of modern day applications. It has been developed to provide a solution to engineers who have limited ceiling heights to run ducting. Typical applications include apartments, hotels and domestic dwellings.

As the Hydor Low Profile Duct System is available in multiple profiles, you will be able to select the right system to meet your airflow requirements. This is a critical factor that often results in reduced fan size and less energy consumption.

The Hydor Low Profile Ducting is easy and fast to install due to the range of fittings available. This lightweight alternative to sheet metal is hygienic, and due to the self-extinguishing PVC construction will not suffer from corrosion.

As with all Hydor products, the Low Profile Duct System has been rigorously tested by Australia's leading institutions to ensure confidence in its reliability and quality.

The specifier and contractor can be assured the product they install will deliver the performance required and meet the requirements of the system design.

DuctPVC 350x75mm 2m SE/SE
DuctPVC elbow bend adapter 150dia to 350x75 BE/BE
DuctPVC straight adapter 150dia to 350x75 BE/BE
DuctPVC straight adapter 200dia to 350x75 BE/BE
DuctPVC Fixing Clip for 350x75 (pair) BE/BE
DuctPVC 45deg Horizontal bend 350x75mm BE/BE
DuctPVC 90deg Horizontal Elbow for 350x75mm BE/BE
DuctPVC 45deg Vertical elbow 350x75mm
DuctPVC 90deg Vertical Elbow for 350x75mm BE
DuctPVC Joiner for 350x75mm duct BE/BE
Duct PVC Tee 350x75mm BE/BE/BE