Madonna Cowl & Roof Flashings

Integral Cowl & Tube    

Aerodynamically superior alternative to the traditional cone style.
MAD103TMadonna Cowl 100dia c/w 300mm galv Tube$116.43
MAD123TMadonna Cowl 125dia c/w 300mm galv Tube$116.43
MAD154TMadonna Cowl 150dia c/w 400mm galv Tube$128.83
MAD204TMadonna Cowl 200dia c/w 400mm galv Tube$165.52
MAD256TMadonna Cowl 250dia c/w 600mm galv Tube [kit]$211.42
MAD306TMadonna Cowl 300dia c/w 600mm galv Tube [kit]$235.66
MAD359TMadonna Cowl 350dia c/w 900mm galv Tube [kit]$346.70

Easyfit Collar type    

Aerodynamically superior alternative to the traditional cone style.
MAD100Madonna Cowl 100dia Easyfit Collar$87.24
MAD110Madonna Cowl 110dia Easyfit Collar$104.70
MAD125Madonna Cowl 125dia Easyfit Collar$87.24
MAD150Madonna Cowl 150dia Easyfit Collar$87.24
MAD200Madonna Cowl 200dia Easyfit Collar$116.43
MAD250Madonna Cowl 250dia Easyfit Collar$188.92
MAD300Madonna Cowl 300dia Easyfit Collar$188.92
MAD350Madonna Cowl 350dia Easyfit Collar$313.46

Curb type    

Aerodynamically superior alternative to the traditional cone style.
MAD150CMadonna Cowl 150dia c/w Curb Base$209.89
MAD200CMadonna Cowl 200dia c/w Curb Base$249.09
MAD250CMadonna Cowl 250dia c/w Curb Base$360.97
MAD300CMadonna Cowl 300dia c/w Curb Base$434.61
MAD350CMadonna Cowl 350dia c/w Curb Base$490.89

Roof flashing    

The flexible design meets all roofing needs. Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion and contraction. The soft aluminium base conforms to most metal roof profiles.
MFSRoof Flashing 3-19dia square Mini$17.89
MFS01Roof Flashing 6-70dia square No 1$21.48
MFS02Roof Flashing 22-102dia square No 2$27.35
MFS03Roof Flashing 6-146dia square No 3$34.24
MFS04Roof Flashing 70-178dia square No 4$44.70
MFS05Roof Flashing 102-210dia square No 5$56.46
MFS06Roof Flashing 121-254dia square No 6$61.57
MFS07Roof Flashing 140-292dia square No 7$87.12
MFS08Roof Flashing 171-343dia square No 8$112.91
MFS09Roof Flashing 241-520dia square No 9$202.84

Roof flashing for tiled roof    

Designed for residential use with a built in 20 degree pitch allowing adaptability to almost any roof pitch.
MFSR01Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 76-203dia No 1$72.80
MFSR02Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 203-280dia No 2$113.42
MFSR03Roof Flashing for tiles Res. 280-457dia No 3$210.77