Metal Diffusers - Domestic

Round Diffusers - Metal    

For supply and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning and heating.
EDV125EDV5 125mm Ventul Exhaust Disc Valve metal white$57.50
EDV160EDV160 160mm Ventul Exhaust Disc Valve metal white$71.88
EDV200EDV8 200mm Ventul Exhaust Disc Valve metal white$79.06
ULA100KIT*Halton ULA100 Adj SupplyValve MetalRound 100dia w Spigot$133.28
ULA125KIT*Halton ULA125 Adj SupplyValve MetalRound 125dia w Spigot$143.93
ULA150KIT*Halton ULA160 Adj SupplyValve MetalRound w160/150dia Spigot$190.13
ULA200KIT*Halton ULA1200 Adj SupplyValve MetalRound 200dia w Spigot$225.83
URH100KIT*Halton URH100 Adj Grille whiteMetal RoundDisc 100 w LF Ring$72.45
URH150KIT*Halton URH160 Adj Grille whiteMetal RoundDisc 160/150wLFring$178.11
URH200KIT*Halton URH200 Adj Grille whiteMetal RoundDisc 200 w LF Ring$209.81
VEAM150VRFNCeiling Diffuser Stainless Steel 150 dia$73.65
VEAM200VRFNCeiling Diffuser Stainless Steel 200 dia$160.93
ZZVEAM125VRFNZZCeiling Diffuser Stainless Steel 125 dia$73.65