Mounting Options

Adjustable Wall Bracket    

Galvanized steel construction with varnish finish and polyester dust.
LVWB380WB140 Adjustable Wall Brkt (120kg/set)$129.17
LVWB480WB150 Adjustable Wall Brkt$141.68

Air Conditioning Mounts    

Suitable for installation requirements where non-penetrative support is required.
BF115B9442 Big Foot system (1.5x1m) max400kg
BF2B6075 Big Foot 2 unit system (1.2x1m) max480kg
BF215B9443 Big Foot system (2mx1.5m) max800kg
BF4B6077 Big Foot 4 unit system (1.2x2m) max720kg
BFH330B6088B Big Foot H-Frame 330mm max300kg 2feet,4brkts,noStrut$328.65
BFH450B6089 Big Foot H-Frame 450mm max500kg 2feet,2brkts,noStrut$846.06

Anti - Vibration Dampers    

Made from vulcanized rubber.
LVDAMP209898-028 Dampers 20x30mm (42kg/ea) M8 4pkt$28.59
LVDAMP409898-027 Dampers 40x40mm (65kg/ea) M8 4pkt$40.79

Anti Vibration Pads    

Residential, industrial, and commercial
LVVB19525 Vibration Block 76x76x18 (pack of 4)$42.53

C Chanel G/S strut    

CC41X21C Channel 41 x 21 3 metres long$174.70
CC41X41C Channel 41 x 41 3 metres long$211.38
DS259*DS259 Slotted C Channel 41mm x21mm x3m long [price ChchOnly]$148.81

Cone Shaped    

Ideal to isolate, reduce/eliminate vibrations caused by working machines.
LVDAMPCS21A35 Dampers Cone Shape 27x30-40 (120kg/4) M8 4pkt$30.38
LVDAMPCS229898-022 Dampers Cone Shape 35x50 (85kg/ea) M8 4pkt$28.89
LVDAMPCS249898-024 Dampers Cone Shape 22X39 (50kg/ea) M8 4pkt$25.63
LVDAMPSC9898-023 Dampers Soft Cone 22x39 (30kg/ea) M8$28.95

Ground Anti Vibration Dampers    

Ideal for uneven surfaces.
LVDAMPGK9898-014 Dampers Ground Kit 20X56 (520kg/set4) M10$30.88

Mounting / Ground Bases & Slabs    

ACSLABPoly Slab medium 465x885x51mm 120kg PS465$86.49
LVGB31-9898-033 Mounting/Ground Base 420mm 140kg$13.63

Roof Brackets    

Designed to be attached to roof and anchored to a wall.
LVRBRB150 Roof Bracket Set 140-150kg 420x800mm$199.52

Standard Wall Bracket    

Strut brackets and installation kits.
SB450Strut Bracket 450mm (100kg) (price per pair)$120.27
SB550Strut Bracket 600mm (100kg) (price per pair)$136.50
SBK1Coach Screw install Kit for wall bracket$48.64
SBK2Dynabolt install Kit for wall bracket$48.64

Welded Wall Bracket    

Made from galvanised steel.
LVWWB420GMS102 Welded Wall Brkt 420mm (120kg/pair) Galv$95.05
LVWWB520GMS110 Welded Wall Brkt 520mm (140kg/pair) Galv$116.71