PVC Ducting

PVC Ducting info    

Ideal for small to medium sized ventilation systems such as rangehoods, bathrooms, and other exhaust systems.

'ecoduct' Rectangular 300x70mm & fittings    

Must be stored inside and away from prolonged sunlight (UV).
ED3072ecoDuct PVC 300x70mm 2m length SE/SE$104.10
ED307ABecoDuct PVC RangeHood bent adaptor 150dia to 300x70mm SE/BE$44.64
ED307ADAPTORPLAD adaptor for ecoDuct300x70 w 25mm frame$29.98
ED307AS150ecoDuct PVC straight adaptor 150dia to 300x70mm SE/BE$50.45
ED307AS200ecoDuct PVC straight adaptor 200dia to 300x70mm SE/BE$54.67
ED307DCecoDuct Duct Clips (300x70 metal)$9.38
ED307EH45ecoDuct PVC 45deg Horizontal Elbow 300x70mm BE/BE$47.43
ED307EH90ecoDuct PVC 90deg Horizontal Elbow 300x70mm BE/BE$44.64
ED307EV45ecoDuct PVC 45deg Vertical Elbow 300x70mm BE/BE$41.50
ED307JecoDuct PVC joiner 300x70mm BE/BE$18.26
ED307TecoDuct PVC T-piece 3way 300x70mm BE/BE/?$89.46
ED307TUBISEALecoDuct TubiSeal for PVC FR1827$55.88

'FIRST' Rectangular 220x90mm & fittings (150dia similar)    

Variety of adaptors, clips and elbows.
DP229-2DuctPVC 220x90mm 2m SE/SE$127.44
DP229ABCGV229B DuctPVC elbow bend adaptor 150dia to 220x90mm BE/BE$41.98
DP229ASCGO229B DuctPVC straight adaptor 150dia to 220x90mm BE/BE$43.70
DP229BSTV2229B Fixing Bracket for DuctPVC 220x90mm (pair) BE/BE$16.61
DP229EH15CCO22915B 15deg DuctPVC modular bend 220x90mm BE/SE$30.18
DP229EH45DuctPVC 45deg Horizontal bend 220x90mm BE/BE$33.99
DP229EH90CCO229B 90deg DuctPVC Horizontal Elbow for 220x90mm BE/BE$48.59
DP229EV45DuctPVC 45deg Vertical elbow 220x90mm$36.00
DP229EV90CCV229B 90deg DuctPVC Vertical Elbow for 220x90mm BE/BE$36.00
DP229FCGF229B DuctPVC Flexible Joiner for 220x90mm BE/BE$121.64
DP229JBCG229B DuctPVC Joiner for 220x90mm duct BE/BE$15.84
DP229JSDuctPVC Fittings Joiner 60mm for 220x90mm fittings SE/SE$13.95
DP229TDuct PVC Tee 220x90mm BE/BE/BE$71.56

'VENTS' Rectangular 204x60mm & fittings    

Flexible PVC air duct with spiral high-carbon steel wire frame.
VE6601PVC Flexi Plastic Duct Flat 64x208mm x 3m BE/BE (to fit 60x2$122.90
VE8010PVC duct Flat 60x204mm x 1m long SE/SE$33.70
VE8015PVC duct Flat 60x204mm x 1.5m long SE/SE$50.88
VE8025PVC duct Flat 60x204mm x 2.5m long SE/SE$86.17
VE818PVCduct Flat connector 64x208mm BE/BE (to fit 60x204)$16.94
VE8181PVCduct Flat connector 64x208 BE/BE c/w back valve(60x204)$23.70
VE8183PVCduct Flat connector 60x204 SE/SE (connects fittings)$16.94
VE8281PVCduct Flat 90deg horizontal elbow 64x208mm BE/BE$37.12
VE82810PVCduct flat multi-angle bend BE/SE 64x208/60x204mm$21.24
VE8282PVCduct flat 90deg vertical elbow 64x208mm BE/BE$27.82
VE838PVCduct flat T-joint 64x208mm BE/BE/BE (to fit 60x204mm)$21.90
VE85PVCduct flat wall plate 61x205 BE to fit 60x204mm$13.85
VE86PVCduct flat holder BE to fit 60x204mm$12.29
VE871PVCduct flat grille 92x231mm BE64x208mm (to fit 60x204)$38.86
VEMVM205*61VRNGrille Louvre Stainless Steel 205x61$63.31

'VENTS' Round 100mm dia & fittings    

Wall or Ceiling Plates (BE) are available in other sizes on request.
VE1010PVC duct round TUBE 100dia x1m long BE/BE$19.00
VE1025PVC duct round TUBE 100dia x2.5m long BE/BE$49.16
VE1111PPVC duct round connector 100dia backdraft valve SE/SE$13.42
VE1113PPVC duct round connector 100dia BE/BE$13.42
VE121PPVC duct round elbow 90deg 100dia SE/SE$22.34
VE131PPVC duct tound T-joint 100mm dia SE/SE/SE$17.91
VE15PPVC duct round wall or ceiling plate to fit 100dia BE$13.42

'VENTS' Round 125mm dia & Fittings    

Wall or Ceiling Plates (BE) are available in other sizes on request.
VE2010PVC duct round TUBE 125dia x1m long BE/BE$30.15
VE2025PVC duct round TUBE 125dia x2.5m long BE/BE$70.39
VE2121PPVC duct round connector backdraft valve 125dia SE/SE$15.20
VE2123PPVC duct round connector 125dia BE/BE$15.20
VE212PPVC duct round connector 125dia SE/SE$15.20
VE222PPVC duct round elbow 90deg 125dia SE/SE$24.59
VE232PPVC duct round T-joint 125dia SE/SE/SE$18.77
VE25PPVC duct round wall or ceiling plate to fit 125dia BE$13.42

Round 150mm dia & fittings    

Wall or Ceiling Plates (BE) are available in other sizes on request.
CP200Ceiling Plate 200dia$27.00
VE3010PVC duct round TUBE 150dia x1m long BE/BE$41.37
VE3025PVC duct round TUBE 150dia x2.5 long BE/BE [noStockuntil2023$103.37
VE3131PPVC duct round connector 150dia backdraft valve SE/SE$15.64
VE3133PPVC duct round connector 150dia BE/BE$15.64
VE313PPVC duct round connector 150dia SE/SE$15.64
VE323PPVC duct round elbow 90deg 150dia SE/SE$24.59
VE333PPVC duct round T-joint 150dia SE/SE/SE$19.00
VE35PPVC duct round wall or ceiling plate to fit 150dia BE$14.52

Adapters & Reducers - all sizes    

VE211PVC duct round reducer 125BE-100diaSE BE/SE$12.29
VE310PVC duct round reducer 80-100-120-125-150dia SE/SE/SE/SE/SE$14.52
VE312PVC duct round reducer 150BE-125diaSE BE/SE$14.20
VE413PVC duct round reducer 200BE-150diaSE BE/SE$20.26
VE812PVCduct flat to round adaptor 64x208mmBE - 125diaBE BE/BE$34.79
VE822PVCduct flat to round elbow 64x208mmBE - 125diaSE BE/SE$32.50
VE823PVCduct flat to round elbow 64x208mmBE - 150diaSE BE/SE$32.73

Low Profile Duct System 350x75mm    

DP3575-2DuctPVC 350x75mm 2m SE/SE$77.02
DP3575ABDuctPVC elbow bend adapter 150dia to 350x75 BE/BE$33.04
DP3575AS150DuctPVC straight adapter 150dia to 350x75 BE/BE$37.33
DP3575AS200DuctPVC straight adapter 200dia to 350x75 BE/BE$40.45
DP3575DCDuctPVC Fixing Clip for 350x75 (pair) BE/BE$6.96
DP3575EH45DuctPVC 45deg Horizontal bend 350x75mm BE/BE$35.09
DP3575EH90DuctPVC 90deg Horizontal Elbow for 350x75mm BE/BE$33.04
DP3575EV45DuctPVC 45deg Vertical elbow 350x75mm$30.73
DP3575EV90DuctPVC 90deg Vertical Elbow for 350x75mm BE$33.12
DP3575JBDuctPVC Joiner for 350x75mm duct BE/BE$13.52
DP3575TDuct PVC Tee 350x75mm BE/BE/BE$66.31