Return Air Grilles

Metal return air grilles    

Can handle extremely high air volumes with minimal pressure drop and noise.
BEX GRILLEBex Ceiling Return 300x300mm (360x360 face) 150dia wP/coat$466.35
F300Panel Filter 285sq (EU2) with 10mm hole - to suit PYHF300$93.10
F400Panel Filter 383sq (EU2) - to suit PYHF400$93.10
F595Panel Filter 538sq max (EU2) - to suit PYHF595$105.78
GT100Grille Tension Spring (110mm = 80+ hooks10+20)$3.19
NSGRILLEMANUGrilles AOL, EC etc - Manufactured Non Standard
PYEC CLIPSClips for Eggcrate Grille
PYEC1195/595LE1159 Egg Crate Grille 1195x595$242.95
PYEC150LE1515 Egg Crate Grille 150sq Loose core$56.90
PYEC200LE2020 Egg Crate Grille 200sq Loose core$62.87
PYEC250LE2525 Egg Crate Grille 250sq Loose core$71.76
PYEC300LE3030 Egg Crate Grille 300sq Loose core$83.66
PYEC400LE4040 Egg Crate Grille 400sq Loose core$113.55
PYEC5929LE5929 Egg Crate Grille 595x295face TBar (553x253neck)$155.39
PYEC595LE5959 Egg Crate Grille 595sq face (553sq neck)$155.39
PYHF1195/595HE1159 Hinged Filter Grille 1195x595 face (nom 1150x550neck)$443.21
PYHF150HE1515 Hinged Filter Grille 150sq$186.78
PYHF200HE2020 Hinged Filter Grille 200sq$203.77
PYHF250HE2525 Hinged Filter Grille 250sq$220.74
PYHF300HE3030 Hinged Filter Grille 300sq$173.94
PYHF400HE4040 Hinged Filter Grille 400sq$197.89
PYHF595HE5959 Hinged Filter Grille 595sq face (548sq neck)$238.58
PYHF600/300HE6030 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 300sq$294.40
PYHF600/400HE6040 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 400sq$307.59
PYHF600/450HE6045 Hinged Filter Grille 600 x 450sq$323.93
PYHF700/400HE7040 Hinged Filter Grille 700 x 400$320.38
PYHF750/400HE7540 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 400$323.31
PYHF750/550HE7555 Hinged Filter Grille 750 x 550$351.36
PYHF900/400HE9040 Hinged Filter Grille 900 x 400$368.31
PYHF900/600Hinged Filter Grille 900x600$241.50