Rigid Tube

Round Tube - Steel (BE/SE - big end/small end)    

Lighter, stronger, and more cost effective than traditional sheet metal ducting.
TG1006Galvanised Tube 100dia 600mmL BE/SE$39.24
TG1009Galvanised Tube 100dia 900mmL BE/SE$58.44
TG1012Spiro Galvanised Tube 100dia 1200mmL BE/SE$49.51
TG1018Spiro Galvanised Tube 100dia 1800mmL BE/SE$74.23
TG1206Galvanised Tube 125dia 600mmL BE/SE$46.51
TG1209Galvanised Tube 125dia 900mmL BE/SE$74.06
TG1212Spiro Galvanised Tube 125dia 1200mmL BE/SE$51.66
TG1218Spiro Galvanised Tube 125dia 1800mmL BE/SE$83.90
TG1506Galvanised Tube 150dia 600mmL BE/SE$42.11
TG1509Galvanised Tube 150dia 900mmL BE/SE$52.75
TG1512Spiro Galvanised Tube 150dia 1200mmL BE/SE$49.51
TG1518Spiro Galvanised Tube 150dia 1800mmL BE/SE$74.23
TG2006Galvanised Tube 200dia 600mmL BE/SE$55.69
TG2012Spiro Galvanised Tube 200dia 1200mmL BE/SE$63.50
TG2018Spiro Galvanised Tube 200dia 1800mmL BE/SE$95.23
TG2506Galvanised Tube 250dia 600mmL BE/SE$52.14
TG2512Spiro Galvanised Tube 250dia 1200mmL BE/SE$73.81
TG2518Spiro Galvanised Tube 250dia 1800mmL BE/SE$110.70
TG3006Galvanised Tube 300dia 600mmL BE/SE$66.18
TG3012Spiro Galvanised Tube 300dia 1200mmL BE/SE$80.68
TG3018Spiro Galvanised Tube 300dia 1800mmL BE/SE$121.05
TG3509Galvanised Tube 350dia 900mmL BE/SE$111.69
TG3512Spiro Galvanised Tube 350dia 1200mmL BE/SE$94.71
TG3518Spiro Galvanised Tube 350dia 1800mmL BE/SE$142.07
TG4012Spiro Galvanised Tube 400dia 1200mmL BE/SE$105.28
TG4018Spiro Galvanised Tube 400dia 1800mmL BE/SE$157.90
TG4512Spiro Galvanised Tube 450dia 1200mmL BE/SE$167.54
TG5012Galvanised Tube 500dia 1200mmL BE/SE$194.15

Spiral Duct G/S (BE/BE - big end/big end)    

Lighter, stronger, and more cost effective than traditional sheet metal ducting.
NSSPIROSpiro Ducting Galv Non-Standard (per Metre)
SG1030Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 100dia 2.95m BE/BE *$80.11
SG1230Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 125dia 2.95m BE/BE *$86.41
SG1530Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 150dia 2.95m BE/BE *$90.72
SG2030Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 200dia 2.95m BE/BE *$120.72
SG2530Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 250dia 2.95m BE/BE *$150.73
SG3030Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 300dia 2.95m BE/BE *$182.84
SG3530Spiro Ducting Galv26/0.45mm 350dia 2.95m BE/BE *$220.58
SG4030-55Spiro Ducting Galv24/0.55mm 400dia 2.95m BE/BE *$269.66
SG4530-55Spiro Ducting Galv24/0.55mm 450dia 2.95m BE/BE *$325.68
SG5030-55Spiro Ducting Galv24/0.55mm 500dia 2.95m BE/BE *$366.13
SG6030-55Spiro Ducting Galv24/0.55mm 600dia 2.95m BE/BE *$439.23

Spiro Galv per meter    

SGS100SpiroDuct Galv26 100dia Special length per meter$30.31
SGS125SpiroDuct Galv26 125dia Special length per meter$39.13
SGS150SpiroDuct Galv26 150dia Special length per meter$44.02
SGS200SpiroDuct Galv26 200dia Special length per meter$55.06
SGS250SpiroDuct Galv26 250dia Special length per meter$73.09
SGS300SpiroDuct Galv26 300dia Special length per meter$87.12
SGS350SpiroDuct Galv26 350dia Special length per meter$102.14
SGS400SpiroDuct Galv26 400dia Special length per meter$117.13
SGS450SpiroDuct Galv24 450dia Special length per meter

Wrapped Tube (Fire stop insulation)    

Standard freight charges will apply on all orders of wrapped tube. Rates for bulk orders by negotiation.
TGDW1006G/S Tube Duct Wrap 100dia x 600$110.38
TGDW1012Sipro Tube Duct Wrap 100dia x 1200$151.56
TGDW1206G/S Tube Duct Wrap 125dia x 600$124.58
TGDW1212Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 125dia x 1200$163.31
TGDW1506G/S Tube Duct Wrap 150dia x 600$114.10
TGDW1509G/S Tube Duct Wrap 150dia x 900$129.72
TGDW1512Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 150 dia x 1200$150.73
TGDW2006G/S Tube Duct Wrap 200dia x 600$129.60
TGDW2012Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 200dia x 1200$168.91
TGDW2506G/S Tube Duct Wrap 250dia x 600$146.86
TGDW2512Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 250dia x 1200$188.53
TGDW3006G/S Tube Duct Wrap 300dia x 600$159.13
TGDW3012Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 300dia x 1200$197.64
TGDW3512Spio Tube Duct Wrap 350dia x 1200$236.64
TGDW4012Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 400dia x 1200$264.43
TGDW4512Spiro Tube Duct Wrap 450dia x 1200$288.79
TGDW5012Sipro Tube Duct Wrap 500dia x 1200$335.81

Tube with Thermobreak insulation    

For 100mm and 152mm diameter tube use Rigi-Tube cut to length.
TGTB05/1012Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 100dia x 1200$148.06
TGTB05/1506G/S Tube 5mm Thermobreak 150dia x 600$119.20
TGTB05/1509G/S Tube 5mm Thermobreak 150dia x 900$139.28
TGTB05/1512Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 150dia x 1200$155.87
TGTB05/2006G/S Tube 5mm Thermobreak 200dia x 600$137.80
TGTB05/2012Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 200dia x 1200$189.85
TGTB05/2506G/S Tube 5mm Thermobreak 250dia x 600$158.38
TGTB05/2512Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 250dia x 1200$205.13
TGTB05/3006G/S Tube 5mm Thermobreak 300dia x 600$174.25
TGTB05/3012Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 300dia x 1200$233.61
TGTB05/3512Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 350dia x 1200$278.79
TGTB05/4012Spiro Tube 5mm Thermobreak 400dia x 1200$313.25
TGTB10/1012Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 100dia x 1200$156.80
TGTB10/1512Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 150dia x 1200$166.64
TGTB10/2006G/S Tube 10mm Thermobreak 200dia x 600$144.66
TGTB10/2012Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 200dia x 1200$204.02
TGTB10/2506G/S Tube 10mm Thermobreak 250dia x 600$166.50
TGTB10/2512Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 250dia x 1200$221.38
TGTB10/3006G/S Tube 10mm Thermobreak 300dia x 600$183.57
TGTB10/3012Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 300dia x 1200$252.34
TGTB10/3512Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 350dia x 1200$299.98
TGTB10/4012Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 400dia x 1200$337.00
TGTB10/4512Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 450dia x 1200$370.69
TGTB10/5012Spiro Tube 10mm Thermobreak 500dia x 1200$405.67

Spiral Duct Wrap    

SGDW1030Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 100dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$144.47
SGDW1230Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 125dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$173.70
SGDW1530Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 150dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$168.95
SGDW2030Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 200dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$213.04
SGDW2530Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 250dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$257.09
SGDW3030Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 300dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$301.18
SGDW3530Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 350dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE$391.79
SGDW4030Spiro Duct Wrapped 25mm 400dia Galv24 2.95m BE/BE$459.72
SGDW501530Spiro Duct Wrapped 50mm 150dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW502030Spiro Duct Wrapped 50mm 200dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW502530Spiro Duct Wrapped 50mm 250dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW503030Spiro Duct Wrapped 50mm 300dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW503530Spiro Duct Wrapped 50mm 350dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW504030Spiro Duct Wrapped 50mm 400dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW751530Spiro Duct Wrapped 75mm 150dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW752030Spiro Duct Wrapped 75mm 200dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW752530Spiro Duct Wrapped 75mm 250dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW753030Spiro Duct Wrapped 75mm 300dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW753530Spiro Duct Wrapped 75mm 350dia Galv26 2.95m BE/BE
SGDW754030Spiro Duct Wrapped 75mm 400dia Galv24 2.95m BE/BE

Steel Tube - White    

APT125Rangehood Adaptor Flat 125dia App White$82.54
APT150Rangehood Adaptor Flat 312x187 150dia App White$82.54
TW1209Tube White 125dia 900L$101.49
TW1509Tube White 150dia 900L$112.38

Tube Diffusers    

Used to provide fresh air or to extract fumes in work areas where air quality and space for movement are critical.