Roof flashing

The flexible design meets all roofing needs. Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion and contraction. The soft aluminium base conforms to most metal roof profiles.
  • Flashing size depends on roof slope and depth of profile
  • Selection of roof flashings based on a 20 degree slope and shallow roof profile
  • Please enquire for other applications
Roof Flashing 3-19dia square Mini
Roof Flashing 6-70dia square No 1
Roof Flashing 22-102dia square No 2
Roof Flashing 6-146dia square No 3
Roof Flashing 70-178dia square No 4
Roof Flashing 102-210dia square No 5
Roof Flashing 121-254dia square No 6
Roof Flashing 140-292dia square No 7
Roof Flashing 171-343dia square No 8
Roof Flashing 241-520dia square No 9