Standard Flange System

Allows fast and economical connection of ducts.
  • Choose from diffrrent flanges and corners of system 20 & 30
  • Aluminium and stainless steel flanges and corners are also available
  • Flange system 20 is suitable for small duct cross-sections and low operating pressures
  • Flange system 30 is suitable for all ducts with low to medium operating pressures


See Threaded Rods & Other Accessories for nuts, bolts, and washers to fit.

120I Flange ISO G/S 20mm 5m
128s Flange Duct G/S with seal 20mm 5m
130I Flange ISO G/S 30mm 5m
138s Flange Duct G/S with seal 30mm 5m
28M225 Corner for 120 Flange System
28M233 Corner for 130 Flange System