TD panel

TD panel sheet    

Smooth-Air manufactures ducting and fittings from TD panel duct to order. Discounts apply for multi-panel orders. Standard freight plus extra length pallet charges may apply on orders of TD sheets.

Manufacturing & Fittings made with TD panel    

Smooth-Air Products manufactures TD panel duct and fittings to order.
NSTFITTDTD TransitionsFittingsAdaptors etc - Manu Non-Standard /each
NSTFITTDM2TD TransitionsFittingsAdaptors etc - Manu Non-Standard /sqm

Castellated Spigots for TD fittings    

Castellated Spigots are also available in flat form for transporting.
CS100Castellated Spigot 100 - for TDpanel$26.36
CS125Castellated Spigot 125 - for TDpanel$26.36
CS150Castellated Spigot 150 - for TDpanel$26.37
CS200Castellated Spigot 200 - for TDpanel$26.36
CS250Castellated Spigot 250 - for TDpanel$27.22
CS300Castellated Spigot 300 - for TDpanel$34.67
CS350Castellated Spigot 350 - for TDpanel$51.68
CS400Castellated Spigot 400 - for TDpanel$60.55
CS450Castellated Spigot 450 - for TDpanel$60.55
CS500Castellated Spigot 500 - for TDpanel$60.55
CSD200Castellated Spigot w Damper 200dia - for TDpanel$75.51
CSD250Castellated Spigot w Damper 250dia - for TDpanel$81.19
CSD300Castellated Spigot w Damper 300dia - for TDpanel$104.86
CSD350Castellated Spigot w Damper 350dia - for TDpanel$108.86
CSD400Castellated Spigot w Damper 400dia - for TDpanel$190.35