TD panel sheet

Smooth-Air manufactures ducting and fittings from TD panel duct to order. Discounts apply for multi-panel orders. Standard freight plus extra length pallet charges may apply on orders of TD sheets.
  • TDi is a sandwich panel, composed of a central layer of rigid fire-retardant polyurethane (PU) foam, with both sides covered with 75micron aluminium foil. The aluminium provides stability and withstands corrosion in long-term use
  • TD20PIRsmooth & TD42150mu have a polyisocyanurate (PIR) core, giving them better thermal and fire resistant properties
  • TD20PIRsmooth has an anti-bacterial coating suitable for hospital (and many other) environments
  • TD42PIR150mu is suitable for outdoor use. Both sides are covered with a 150micron aluminium composite, making the panel even more rigid and protecting the inner core from knocks. Tested by BRANZ at R2.08.
  • See TD Presentation for full TD performance data & test certificates