Test Equipment & Tools

5 in 1 Environment Tester    

Functions as an anemometer, measures humidity/temperature, barometer, light meter, and thermometer.
LU-SP8001Anemometer,Light,RH/Temp,Barometer,Thermometer, Pocketsize$508.86

Airflow Measuring Hood    

When used with our range of test instruments it provides an economical airflow measuring device for supply and extract ceiling grilles.
HAMHood Airflow Measuring 400sq top, 1100 long$630.46
HAM600Hood Airflow Measuring 600sq top 1100 long$693.46
HAMHIREHire per day HAM400 or HAM600$56.68


Inclined Vertical Tube Manometer.
MANOA1-700PADwyer Mark2 M-700Pa Manometer 10-0-700Pa$219.35