TT mixed flow 2-speed in-line fan (extract or supply)

Suitable for extraction of areas with high humidity.
  • Strong airflow and low noise level
  • Compact design 
  • Made of high-quality, durable ABS plastic 
  • Single-phase double-speed motors
  • Thermal overheating protection to prevent motor overheating 
TT100 - Mixed Flow in-line Fan 100dia 2spd 50/40L/sFID
TT125S - Mixed flow in-line Fan 125dia 2spd 96/79L/sFID
TTpro200- Mixed Flow in-line Fan 200dia 2spd 289/231L/sFID
TTpro250 - Mixed Flow in-line Fan 250dia 2spd 389/308L/sFID
TTpro315TT- Mixed Flow in-line Fan 315dia 2spd 570/436L/sFID
TTpro150 ? Mixed Flow in-line EC Fan 150Dia 167L/sFID