Wall Grilles

Opposed blade damper    

Used in supply and exhaust air systems to achieve volume control.
PYOBD150OBDi1515 Opposed blade damper 150x150$70.97
PYOBD200OBDi2020 Opposed blade damper 200x200$74.28
PYOBD250OBDi2525 Opposed blade damper 250x250$87.27
PYOBD300OBDi3030 Opposed blade damper 300x300$113.07
PYOBD3010OBDi3010 Opposed blade damper 300x100$74.75
PYOBD350OBDi3535 Opposed blade damper 350x350$126.79
PYOBD3515OBDi3515 Opposed Blane Damper 350x150$122.19
PYOBD400OBDi4040 Opposed blade damper 400x400$142.65
PYOBD450OBDi4545 Opposed blade damper 450x450$164.62

Wall grille    

Suitable for use in cooling, heating and ventilation applications.
GWDD3010DD3010 300x100mm Wall Grille Removable Core$92.75
GWDD3015DD3015 300x150mm Wall Grille Removable Core$103.80
GWDD3020DD3020 300x200mm Wall Grille Removable Core$110.41
GWDD3030DD3030 300x300mm Wall Grille Removable Core$114.85
GWDD3515DD3515 350x150mm Wall Grille Removable Core$99.39
GWDD4010DD4010 400x100mm Wall Grille Removable Core$99.39
GWDD4020DD4020 400x200mm Wall Grille Removable Core$112.64
GWDD4040DD4040 400x400mm Wall Grille Removable Core$172.26
GWDD4510DD4510 450x100mm Wall Grille Removable Core$99.39
GWDD4520DD4520 450x200mm Wall Grille Removable Core$112.64
GWDD6015DD6015 600x150mm Wall Grille Removable Core$167.84
VEMVMP260*165RNGrille Louvre Stainless Steel 260x165 adj shutter$87.53
VEMVMP260*240RNGrille Louvre Stainless Steel 260x240 adj shutter$106.28

Bar grilles    

Designed for supply, return, or exhaust air applications.
BG12015RCBGRC486 BarGrille1200x150 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite1188x138nec$488.75
BG12020RCBGRC488 BarGrille1200x200 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite1188x188nec$642.67
BG3010RCBGRC124 BarGrille300x100 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite 288x88neck$131.05
BG3515RCBGRC146 BarGrille350x150 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite 338x138neck$148.52
BG4015RCBGRC166 BarGrille400x150 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite 388x138neck$165.31
BG5010RCBGRC204 BarGrille500x100 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite 488x88neck$172.50
BG5020RCBGRC208 BarGrille500x200 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite 488x188neck$198.28
BG9020RCBGRC368 BarGrille900x200 0deg NbladeRemCoreWhite 888x188neck$331.49