Window axial fans & adaptors

Continuous or periodic exhaust ventilation of bathroom, showers, kitchens and other utility spaces.
  • For mounitng in windows 
  • Ventilation shaft mounting or duct connection
  • Low to medium air flow for short distances at low air resistance
  • Modern design and aesthetic look
  • The casing and the impeller are made of high-quality durable ABS plastic, UV resistant
  • The clever impeller design makes for high fan efficiency and long service life
  • Designed for silent operation 
  • Equipped with a thermal actuator that provides smooth opening and
    closing of the automatic louvre shutters to prevent back draft
  • Reliable and low-watt electric motor
  • Designed for continuous operation and requires no maintenance
  • Equipped with overheating protection
  • All fans are single phase, 3 phase readily available
Window Kit with fixed grille for 150dia domesticFan Qa,Qd,Qs
Window Kit with gravity shutters for 150dia domFan Qa,Qd,Qs
VEVVR180 - Window fan reversing 177dia 59/49 L/sFID*
VEVVR230 - Window fan reversing 237dia 124/81 L/sFID*