Zone Controls

AirTouch5 Zone Control System    

With AirTouch, you get to stay in control of the conditioned airflow around your home with an easy to use, stylish touch panel featuring a personalised user interface to suit your lifestyle, or the app on your smart device.
AT-657096AirTouch Zoning Data Cable (left latch) 12m control2pad$19.93
AT-657154AirTouch Neat 24V Transformer$53.64
AT-657236-30MAirTouch Zoning Data Cable (left latch) 30m control2pad$73.62
AT5 SCREENKITAirTouch5 Console kit (657258+657255) Console (Screen)$749.60
AT5-657256AirTouch5 Main Control Module$695.00

AirTouch HeatPump Gateways    

Add a Gateway per HeatPump (up to 8), along with an AT-657211 cable per gateway.
AT-657211ZM Elec Ctrl Gateway Cable (required for each AT5&4 gateway)$13.98
ATG-657219AirTouch Gateway LG$378.76
ATG-657220AirTouch Gateway Hitachi (not RAD-E50)$378.76
ATG-657222AirTouch Gateway Midea/Carrier/Rinnai/Haier (Gree: +657243)$378.76
ATG-657229AirTouch Gateway Samsung NASA$378.76
ATG-657237AirTouch Gateway Daikin code 657237 (ex 657212 )$378.76
ATG-657238AirTouch Gateway Panasonic code 657238 (ex 657213)$378.76
ATG-657239AirTouch Gateway Fujitsu code 657239 (ex 657214) 3wire$378.76
ATG-657243CABLEAirTouch Gateway cable only for Gree & Brae (for 657222)
ATG-657244AirTouch Gateway Mitsu Elect (215cw221cable)(244cwblackcable$378.76
ATG-657245AirTouch Gateway Mitsu Heavy (245cwPCB)$378.76
ATG-657246AirTouch Gateway Toshiba (246cwPCB)$378.76

AirTouch Extension Kit    

Extension kit is required in addition to the Base Kit for systems with a total of 9 or more zones & bypasses, or more than one console/screen
AT5-657242AirTouch5 Extension Module (& AT2 & AT3)$414.59

AirTouch Zones - Sensors & Motorised Dampers    

Purchase one less AT5ts-657257 (or AT4ts-65723) temperature sensor than the number of zones required (as the console/screen has a built in temperature sensor for the living area).
AT-657095PATCHLEAD657095 12m Cable for PYMD24volt (centre latch)$19.93
AT-657235-30MAirTouch Zoning ControlCable(centre latch) 30m for [PY]md24v$73.62
AT5TS-657257AirTouch5 Wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensor ITS$230.51
PYMD24V150532070 Plastic Motor Damper 150dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$217.98
PYMD24V200532071 Plastic Motor Damper 200dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$226.33
PYMD24V250532072 Plastic Motor Damper 250dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$242.74
PYMD24V300532073 Plastic Motor Damper 300dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$259.19
PYMD24V350532074 Plastic Motor Damper 350dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$275.63
PYMD24V400532075 Plastic Motor Damper 400dia 24V plug in c/w12mlead$300.33

EZYZONE Control System    

Allows each damper to be set in one of 10 positions to accurately control airflow to each room of your home.
ADZCP2'Platinum 2' 8 Zone Control Kit$1,085.52